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McWhirter - Bridges Family

Chapter 20
Ancestery of the
Marion County, Illinois
McWhirter Family

Our McWhirter family came from Wilson County, Tennessee.

Our family's direct McWhirter - BRIDGES Line of Descent:

DNA from male descendants of different sons of Charles McWhirter, #4 following,
has proved that Charles was a direct male descendant of Joseph Bridges of Surry County, Virginia.

1. Joseph Bridges, born circa 1710, Surry County, Virginia. Joseph died circa 1796, Frederick County, Virginia.

2. son Bridges, (Note: Which son of Joseph's is unknown at this time.)

3. grandson Bridges, (Note: Which grandson of Joseph's is unknown at this time.)

4. Charles and Nancy (Griffin) McWhirter (See Chapter 1)
of Wilson County, Tennessee

5. Charles and ________ (Pitts) McWhirter (See Chapter 2)
of Marion County, Illinois

6. Charles Pitts and Rebecca (HAMMER) McWHIRTER (See Chapter 7)
of Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois

7. Maggie (McWhirter) Bassett ( See McWHIRTER-BASSETT Family)
(wife of Elmer BASSETT of Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois)

(wife of George William CONANT of Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois)

9. Monna Marilyn (CONANT) FRAKES
(wife of Philip Howard FRAKES of Salem, Marion County, Illinois)

10. Tanya Rae (Frakes)(Courtright)Belfiore
11. Nathan Roddy Alan Courtright
12. Madison Jaye Courtright
11. David Philip Anthony Belfiore
12. Wyatt Rodney William Belfiore
11. Daniel William Eli Belfiore
12. Ryleigh Rae Belfiore

10. Stephen Philip Howard Frakes

10. Terri June (Frakes) Adams
(wife of Richard Dale Adams)
11. Trent Maurice Adams
11. Brock Richard Adams

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Compiled by:
(Great-Great-Grandson of Charles Pitts McWhirter)

Stephen P.H. Frakes
321 South Franklin Street
Salem, Illinois 62881-2120

Additions and Corrections Greatly Appreciated

30 April 2018

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